The WholesaleConference opportunity enables you to build your own telecommunications business, earning unlimited residual income every time your clients, friends and colleagues conduct a conference call. We are unique in the telecommunications market by not only proving you an extremely low entry cost, but at any time, we will sell you a used teleconference bridge and our world-class e-commerce software to cut your costs in half! AT&T is not offering an opportunity for anyone to compete against them in a $2B per year national market.

Low Cost Increases Your Profit
With our low per minute purchase rate you earn more money and have more opportunities in the marketplace .

Signing Up Customers is Easy
Why? Because you are offering an incredible value proposition that includes saving money on something your prospects are already using. The private-label website we provide you enables new customers to sign up, and begin making conference calls in just minutes!

Comprehensive Audio and Web/Video Conferencing Services
We provide you with a comprehensive offering of conferencing services for your clients.

Our audio conferencing includes both a toll free service and a monthly flat rate toll service.

Our web/video conferencing is Web 2.0 based and is market place disruptive to other web conferencing services. It requires no software downloads and is extremely easy to use. The selling price point for the web/video conferencing is significantly less than any comparable service.

You Set the Selling Price
We allow you to set the selling price for each customer. You can offer any per minute pricing for toll free audio conferencing and monthly flat rate pricing for toll audio conferencing, you set your profit margin. WholesaleConference offers the lowest costs in the industry!.

Feature-Rich Web Interface
Our audio conferencing web interface presents real-time caller-ID information through an intuitive Conference Viewer Control Panel, and even allows your clients to dial-out to bring in participants!

Live Conference Viewer Control Panel

Near Real-Time Call Log and Billing Data
Your clients receive email messages after every conference call and have on-line access to conference call detail reports.

Conference Call Detail Report

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Your Brand. Your Website. Your Business...

How Your Customers Pay
If you want to accept credit cards for payment, then we process your clients credit cards. Your clients see conferencing services on their credit card statements. We pass through the monthly credit card processor fees at cost to you and send you a settlement check monthly.

You can either print and email the fully branded invoices the site creates for you. Or, you can convert client invoices to a PDF and email them to your clients. You do not have to wait months to see a commission check that may or may not accurately reflect what your clients are actually billing. See exactly what a branded site consists of, and even sign up for a free web conference demo at this site:


It will be easy for us to move your existing base or start a new branded site and grow a new base of clients.

A Minimum Investment to Get Started

This unique opportunity is yours for a low $250 one-time investment. No company is offering you the ability to enter such a capital intensive business for such a low investment. Contact us to set up your account and establish your own branded website with your own per minute prices.

Please call us at 805.845.8906 for more information.

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