Earn Residual Commissions of 15% Selling Audio and Web Conferencing!

If you prefer being an agent, with no investment or risk, we offer agency contracts for our own branded site GoConference at

Q. How are your commission rates structured?
A. Our residual commission schedule is 15% for the life of the client.

Q. How do I sign up to become an agent?
A. Email your request to or call (805)845-8906. We will describe our agency program via a live web conference, train you on how to quickly find likely prospects and will send you a GoConference Agent Agreement.

Q. What selling features make for easier closes?
A. Our advanced web-based features give you a competitive advantage in our industry. We know after twelve years that our offer gives us near zero churn and makes it easy to convert new clients. You will learn about our competitive advantages during the web tour.

Q. What management tools do agents receive?
A. We offer our agents advanced web-based tools to manage their accounts. You can see in real-time your clients activities, giving you valuable feedback unavailable from our competitors.

Q. How are new clients signed up?
A. Call or email us with the client information and sale rate and we do everything else, including making plastic credit card style wallet cards for each client conference room!

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