The FCC will vote away free teleconferencing this year!

Call us for a download of links to the FCC showing these upcoming changes.

You can grab some of the 2 billion minutes per month of free teleconferencing and convert them to a large residual income.

Your buy rate for Toll-Free is 0.6 cents per minute and Toll is 0.2 cents per minute. Break even with as low as 85,000 minutes per month!

With these extremely low buy rates you can hire your own sales agents to sell for your brand or sell to existing resellers.

Our UBlast feature allows a single caller to launch a 2,000 person conference call where a one hour call can bill for $4,000. More information at


What do you get when owning a virtual audio conferencing business using our turn-key system?

Advanced API to integrate our software into your client application
Private-label e-commerce website where clients create and delete their own conference rooms
Customized pricing (you set the selling price for each customer)
WebConferencing with Videocams, recordings, libraries
Credit card and invoiced billing program
Advanced Client Matter Billing reporting
Ability to download spreadsheets of conference costs by client's Special Field
We take accounts away from AT&T™, PGi™ and Intercall™ with our advanced software and lower cost!
Best voice quality available-beats competitors!

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